Mayan (1981/1983)

  • Where did the genocide take place?
Although when first seeing this you would think it took place in Mexico, because of the abundance of Mayan people, it actually took place Guatemala.
  •  When did it take place?

It began in 1981 and ended in 1983. However, some people say it went fron 1982-1983 because that was when the genocide was at its worst.

  • Who were the main groups involved? (Protoganist and Antagonist)
The main groups involved were the Mayan Indians and the Guatemalan army. The Guatemalan army attacked and the Mayan Indians were the victims. Also the U.S played a big role in the conflict by getting involved with the Guatemalan army
  • What was the cause of the genocide, why did it happen?

The Guatemalan dictator caused the Genocide to begin. He favoured the native Guatemalans and gave them more privileges. The U.S then got involved which caused the Guatemalans to rage. The Guatemalan armies attacked the Mayan Indian villages killing many people.

  • What were the outcomes of the genocides in regards to nationalism and ultranationalism?
The Guatemalan Genocide ended when the nation got together and removed their dictator from his position. However, this would not have happened if other nations hadn’t stepped in and helped. The nationalism of the Mayan Indians was attacked just like they were. They lost alot of people and basically had to rebuild their nation.

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